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Why Red Tree

RedTree understands your business challenges and can effectively help you bridge your growth strategy with hands-on execution. RedTree brings to the table the formal training and track record in building bottom-up, growth companies with international operating exposure. Best of all, RedTree provides you with an affordable solution since you get all the expertise you need without having to hire a full-time and expensive CFO and the team around him/her.


Here is a list of circumstances when you might need RedTree’s services:


  • When your business is growing and you don’t have a growth plan (cashflow, budget, business plan) that you can monitor and update

  • When you are spending too much time in understanding accounting and financial management or your financial and operating systems do not produce timely and accurate information for reporting and decision-making

  • When you want to set up and manage international operations

  • When you need to find outside financing (major suppliers, bank debt, venture capital) or business partners

  • When you are trying to identify and measure the factors (Key Performance Indicators) that drive (or limit) the growth and profitability of your company

  • When you want to develop an effective incentive compensation program to help drive performance and avoid expensive turnover 

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