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Special Projects

Growth is rarely a “linear affair” – sometimes you need that extra boost to take you to the next level and boost your business potential. Whether we need to dive into the organization to set up a new reporting and costing system or to hit the road with you and seek venture capital or bank financing, Red Tree is here to support you.

financial infrastructure
Financial Infrastructure

We design and develop an integrated platform to cover the following areas:


  1. Management reporting (financial & business KPIs)

  2. Financial planning (budget & business plan)

  3. Cashflow forecasting

  4. Statutory financial statements & consolidation


The Financial Infrastructure is jointly designed and agreed with the CEO and key management team to ensure that their functionality and terminology is understood by non-financial executives and commercially aligned with the current and forecast needs of the company. The purpose is to generate meaningful and timely financial visibility to the CEO and key management team so that they can anticipate and plan the future on the basis of past performance and analytical trends.


In addition, the Financial Infrastructure provides a concise and purposeful overview of the company’s financial position (past and forward-looking) for the benefit of existing or prospect stakeholders: investors, banks, suppliers and customers.


advanced analytics
Advanced Analytics

Once we have established your baseline Financial Infrastructure and your team has become familiar with its use, you may wish to enhance your strategic design and visibility through Advanced Analytics. This will require setting up additional financial functionalities in areas such as:


Costing & Profitability: detailed pro-forma and historical measurement of specific services, products, company functions, or geographies using Activity-Based Costing (ABC)


Performance Measurement & Evaluation: practical and quantifiable drivers to determine investment (eg capex) feasibility, new product/service impact or employee scorecard performance

international expansion
International Expansion

The financial crisis has opened up new business opportunities at an unprecedented, global level. As you set up or expand your international presence, we can support you in many different ways:


Financial operations: as you establish your operating presence in a new country, you will need to select new partners or employees in various fields including accounting, legal, tax and audit. Then you will need to ensure that these new business associates operate in a way that follows the “Group” policies in a consistent fashion. We can help you establish group-wide procedures, select your local teams and train them according to the group standards.


International tax planning: as you move out of the Greek environment and start operating as a Group, tax issues become increasingly complex. Tax optimizing jurisdictions, international flow of goods, services and intellectual property rights and transfer pricing are some of the new challenges you have to face.  


Re-domiciling: whether you decide to move your headquarters or a substantial part of your operations out of Greece, you need to address a number of finance-related issues: consolidated financial statements, transition to IFRS reporting and statutory audit, new bank relationships.

transaction support
Transaction Support

At certain critical junctures of your growth path you are faced with “transactions” whose successful design and execution can really “make or break” your company. Whether you want to make use of our analytical, presentation and negotiation skills or simply to leverage the benefit of a professional third party operating on your behalf, we can offer a true financial advantage to your organization. Such transactions include:


Capital-raising: funding is the fuel of growth. We can advise you on whether you should be seeking debt or equity financing, identify potential providers of capital (banks, venture capitalists, partners), prepare your financial plans and presentation material, structure the financing deal, and negotiate it all the way to the legal documents.


Mergers & Acquisitions: sometimes organic growth is not enough to take advantage of your company’s potential - other times market opportunities appear that if you fail to act upon, your competition will. Whether buying a smaller player in the market or forming a strategic partnership, we can assist you value your company, coordinate your external advisors (legal, tax etc) and negotiate and close such a complex transaction.

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