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Any Questions?

Why do I need RedTree if I already have an accountant ?

RedTree partners are professionals in financial management. That is all we do. Accountants are professionals in taxes, bookkeeping, and auditing. Asking your accountant to assist your company in financial management and strategic planning is a little like asking your car mechanic to design and build your new house.


If I have the money, should I hire a CFO instead ?

Hiring a seasoned CFO will only be the first step in developing your financial infrastructure: in addition to accounting and tax, your CFO will need a team to handle banks and treasury management, financial planning, control and analysis, as well as operational matters such as management information systems (MIS). If you are not way out of budget by then, the rest of your company will not be able to bear the complexity of such a finance team. RedTree offers CFO solutions that grow as you do. In time we can help you choose and train an in-house finance team and a CFO to head it.



Why use an “outsourced” service if I “manage” things in house ?

Hiring professional financial management has two immediate benefits:

(a) it takes pressure off the entrepreneur and his team so that they can concentrate on what they do best : grow the business !

(b) it introduces professionals who have the formal training and track record to instill financial discipline in growth.


RedTree is “outsourced” only in that our partners and staff are not your company’s full-time employees. Otherwise we are very real. We work extensively onsite at the client’s location where we can be most effective.



Why is RedTree a cost-effective solution to financial management ?


Our partners are experienced professionals who have built finance departments and then managed them to help grow their companies.

In other words, we have gone through your growing pains – we do not approach you with a “consulting” frame of mind. We have complementary skill sets and we work as a team to leverage our combined expertise for your benefit. All these come at the cost of hiring an in-house financial analyst ; which is more than efficient and much more cost effective !


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