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CFO Support

CFO support lies at the heart of our service offering and differentiates us from other financial “advisors” and “consultants”. We become an integral part of your management team and act as the CEO/entrepreneur’s finance arm in the following ways:


We prepare a monthly management reporting and explain to you in “plain business terms” how you performed against your budget and what your performance outlook is on the basis of your results to date. In this context we analyze financial data, business KPIs and trends to provide you with a toolkit to adjust your strategy, whether this involves the pricing of a certain product or your profitability for the entire year.


We draft your annual budget and update your business plan. As we work through your monthly results, we jointly decide whether we need to re-forecast your budget or even adjust your longer-term strategy based on our analysis of past performance and its impact on future trends.


We monitor your cashflow forecast in order to identify potential liquidity shortfalls. On the basis of this analysis we recommend corrective action, whether of a working capital nature (suppliers/customers) or through additional financing (factoring, bank overdraft).


As we perform a monthly financial control, we identify problem and risk areas in the entire financial and operating cycle: bookkeeping, management information systems, tax, supply chain etc. We then work with the relevant persons to rectify these problems and improve the performance of the entire organization.


Depending on your circumstances and needs, we undertake your “stakeholders relations” – that is we present your financial performance and outlook to your lending banks, major suppliers, key accounts and shareholders in a way that enhances their trust and comfort level to your operation.


To the extent that you have international operations (holding company, operating subsidiaries etc) we undertake to harmonize and integrate all of the above on a Group-wide basis: consolidated management reporting and planning, intragroup liquidity management, international stakeholder relations.

Red Tree can support you in every area of Financial Management:

Accounting reporting plan tax
Accounting Reporting & Tax
  • Bookkeeping

  • Financial reporting

  • Payroll

  • Tax filing

  • Statutory filing

  • Financial audit

  • Tax audit

  • Tax planning

Planning analysi
Planning & Analysis
  • Budget & forecasting

  • Business planning

  • Financial analysis

  • Project evaluation

  • Costing

  • Profitability analysis

  • Financial control

  • Cash flow forecasting

  • Bank relationships

  • Supplier credit

  • Credit control

  • Working Capital mngmt

financial operations
Financial operations
  • Procurement

  • Warehousing

  • Supply chain

  • Mngmt Information Systems

  • Contracting

personnel selection
Personnel Selection
  • Candidates' long list

  • Candidates' short list

  • Selection 

  • Induction & Training 

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