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Our Services

We can perform or oversee (depending on your needs and arrangements) all your Accounting requirements: bookkeeping, tax filing and planning, payroll and statutory reporting. Red Tree’s true advantage though lies in the following areas:


  • We can design and manage the other finance areas (Planning & Analysis, Treasury and Financial Operations) and ensure they are integrated with your Accounting.

  • We can integrate, homogenize and manage all areas of Financial Management for your entire Group – no matter if you operate exclusively in Greece or have operating/holding companies internationally.


Red Tree can customize its services to fit your exact needs at any given point in time: broadly speaking, we work on the basis of CFO support or special projects.


Red Tree CFO support
CFO Support


  • Accounting Reporting & Tax


  • Planning & Analysis


  • Treasury


  • Financial operation

Special Projects


  • Financial infrastructure


  • Advanced Analytics

  • International Expansion


  • Transaction Support

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