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                                                       is a very popular game for kids

                                                       in Mexico and other countries ! 


Or Is It the world’s first interactive messenger ?!?

Well.....,  we  are only sure for the later .

We are also sure it is a very successfull startup company .

How do we know all this  ?

Well, as It happens, they use RedTree as their Trusted Partners in Financial Management and CFO Support  !

We could DO the same for You

                                                    The "USPS", "Royal Mail" or

                                                                       "Deutsche Post" of Greece !


Brings steaming trains, chocolate sharing moments and long kisses good-bye to one's head ........., does it not ? 

     Well...., regardless of that little trip to memory lane ( and even  if you did not really have one), you will be pleased to know that RedTree is also working with the oldest and largest postal service in Greece (and that is in financial management remember, not advertising ! )

Undisclosed Medium Sized Business


We recently engaged with a medium (now small) sized business to  bringing profitability back from the brink of extinction.

We can provide no details nor testimonies of this case for legal reasons so why mention it at all ?

Simply, because lots of business in Greece right now are in this very familiar and rather disturbing state of affairs .

With RedTree at Your side though the light at the end of the tunnel need not eclipse !

I'm next. I am sure I am ..........!

Well .... Ok . Since You Are still Here truth is you could be next !


If you really need a fresh pair of eyes, professional guidance, or even a trusted partner to help you achieve your full potential and really make the difference to the business world as well as to the ones you care about most then contact us and

WE could be Helping YOU next !

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