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The financial crisis in Southeastern Europe is proving to be a huge opportunity for innovative, outward-looking businesses and entrepreneurs throughout the region. One of the critical factors for the success of such endeavors is sophisticated Financial Management. RedTree is offering “CFO-class” solutions that provide exactly that: financial resources that are professional but lean; management bandwidth that is experienced but out of the box.

Why professional financial management?

Growing your company requires so much more than diligent accounting, payroll and tax filing: a successful growth strategy means to:

  • put your ambition in a financial plan and then monitor its performance

  • change your plan according to fact-based analysis

  • measure your cashflow needs and anticipate funding alternatives.

Most growing companies “delegate” such tasks to their entrepreneur/CEO – a person who often lacks the financial background and certainly has much better use of his time and energy. Managing growth requires professional financial management to enhance the understanding of business performance, improve visibility and, ultimately, provide the entrepreneur/CEO with better decision-making tools and the necessary peace of mind to focus on growing his business. This implies that finance-related tasks are handled by financial experts.

Why “CFO-class” financial solutions?

Professional financial management comes in various shapes and sizes.  Sometimes growing your company means entering new, more complex lines of business; sometimes it means setting up operations in new countries; oftentimes it is both. Executing a successful growth strategy implies that:

  • your accounting infrastructure can support your financial planning for different products/services and across countries

  • your tax planning allows for “transfer pricing” and cross-border considerations

  • your cashflow forecasting and bank relationships can accommodate your new financing needs.

Some growing companies try to address the issue of professional financial management by complementing their accountant with outside “consultants” or an in-house financial analyst. However, the entrepreneur/CEO will still need to coordinate this finance team or – more importantly – similar finance teams abroad. Bridging growth strategy with successful execution requires a “CFO capability” which can integrate all finance functions (accounting, planning, treasury, operations) and coordinate them across borders.


“When it comes to finance, I need a true business partner.  Can I have something more than an accountant without hiring a CFO? ”


Growing Company CEO

Why Red Tree?

Does a growing company need to hire a full-time CFO and an army of finance professionals and consultants to support him? Not if you choose Red Tree. We bring a fresh perspective to financial management outsourcing: we are neither accountants, nor consultants – we are seasoned finance directors who work with ambitious CEOs/entrepreneurs as integrated team members and help them unlock the full value and growth potential of their business. Red Tree is dedicated to supporting growing companies with affordable, CFO-class, financial management solutions.

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