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“When it comes to finance, I need a true business partner.  Can I have something more than an accountant without hiring a CFO? ”


Growing Company CEO

  • Are you an entrepreneur or professional manager who sees growth opportunities through innovation or international expansion?

  • Is your commercial ambition constrained by lack of financial visibility, funding and support?

  • Are you spending too much of your precious time and energy dealing with financial issues instead of growing your business?

   Then Welcome to  Red Tree

Professional Financial Management


  At RedTree, we believe that growing your company requires much more than diligent accounting, payroll and tax filing. It  takes professional financial management which involves :


  • turning your ambition into a financial plan and budget   

  • monitoring and analyzing its commercial performance

  • evaluating projects, opportunities and new markets



This requires integration of all finance functions (accounting, planning, treasury, operations ) and – oftentimes – coordination across borders.


Value Added, True Partners


   Most growing companiesdelegate” such tasks to their entrepreneur/CEO – a person who often lacks the background and time. Sometimes, entrepreneurs hire expensive “consultants” but – usually – end up implementing things themselves. RedTree brings a fresh perspective: we are neither accountants, nor consultants – we are seasoned finance directors who work with ambitious CEOs/entrepreneurs as integrated team members and help you unlock the full value and growth potential of your business.


The financial crisis in Southeastern Europe is proving to be a huge opportunity for innovative, outward-looking businesses and entrepreneurs throughout the region. RedTree is here to offer you "CFO-class" solutions that are professional but lean and competitively prized; management bandwidth that is experienced right out of the box !


  • managing your liquidity

  • attracting new sources of capital

  • aligning your systems and organization to new challenges

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